Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blue & Red for St. Valentines Day

I moved to a new house last month, this is like the 5th house I've lived in so far. Last week I was reading about one of Vogue's previous editors-in-chief in this month's Domino magazine and realized that this lady (she must be in her 50's or 60's) had lived in less houses than I had.I have to stop moving so much. So, I haven't been able to bake anything because apparently I'm cursed. First there was the dilemma of the kitchen being tinier than the previous one & there was no space for the stove, so after moving stuff around my mom and I ended up putting it where the fridge was supposed to go. After that we had to install the gas for the stove, but apparently the walls here are made of titanium or something because the guy that came to install the gas couldn't make a single hole in the wall for the gas line, so we ended up with no gas and a wall full of holes. Anyway, my mom called some other guy to install the gas line, he succeeded, but three days later the oven died. We have no clue why since the stove isn't even a year old. Apparently the Bakery Gods don't think we are meant to bake in this house. Since I've been cursed, I'll leave you with some cupcakes I did last month.
I baked some red velvet cupcakes. This time I tried a different recipe because even though I liked the other recipe, it seemed too dry for my taste. Me and my best friend decided to bake cupcakes for St. Valentines. We both wanted to bake Red Velvet Cupcakes shaped like hearts, she brought her pan to my house and we set everything to bake, but we couldn't decide which recipe to do. We looked at a few recipes and ended up deciding for a recipe from Smitten Kitchen, mainly because it used butter instead of vegetable oil. The cupcakes turned out very moist and we could barely keep ourselves from eating them as soon as they would come out from the oven. I specially loved the shade of red they had, it was very deep and somehow they looked almost natural, like the cupcakes were that shade and not like we had used two bottles of red food coloring. I frosted mine with a Speckled Cinnamon Frosting from Martha Stewart and my friend frosted hers with the traditional cream cheese frosting. The frosting I used was a very good substitute for those that don't like the sweetness of butter cream and for those that are tired of the traditional cream cheese frosting. I only had a minor problem with it, apparently I wasn't patient enough when during the cooking, because the frosting even though fluffy had a strange consistency. Other than that, it was so good that I could have eaten it alone with a spoon, very soft and fluffy with a hint of buttery goodness.


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LittleIvyCakes said...

I love the colors together. They're awesome!

Kirsten said...

Hi! I was doing a google search for my Cupcakes Galore cookbook and came across your blog! I'm definitely going to try your red velvet cupcakes! Also check out the cupcake recipe I just posted. I know it's warming up there but perhaps you can save it for a chilly night!

Valentina said...

Wow, how great! i have not made many cakes with oil before but the ones i made were certainly very moist.